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The Milky Way Galaxy, which includes our solar system, is a series of relationships built on complex matter. Humans are complex matter – and we move in complex systems too. But ultimately, the most important thing to us is relationships; relationships with our planet and with other humans, built on trust. That is all we have when we are born – and all we need through life.

Relationships play a major role in printing; not only between the rosette palette of colours and our high-end machines, but also between people. When a print project is green-lighted, we take multiple steps to ensure the truest and highest-quality reproduction is achieved, with each of our specialists.

The process is complicated to the untrained eye, but years of human experience – combined with artificial intelligence and a structured process – ensures quality control. Clear communication is paramount in reaching the desired result, because no two jobs are the same.

Reproduction to actual ink on paper is all in the planning. It could be coated material (gloss, matt or satin), or uncoated offset – with different printing, lamination, embellishments and binding (PUR, Lock Binding, Perfect Binding or Saddle stitching). The entire job hinges on the print production relationship, and ultimately, TRUSTED skill sets and process designs.

All of the hard work mentioned above can be undone if the fulfilment, labelling, (item code, product number, barcode and logo) are not applied and delivered in line with our exacting standards. This is where relationships and trust really come into play; further enhanced by modern tracking technology so that we know the exact whereabouts of the end product.

The final piece in the Complete cycle is to check in on any feedback from the client (face-to-face where possible). ‘No news is good news’ might be enough for some businesses, but not us. We’re hungry to continue improving.

From vegetable-based inks to paper stocks, relationships with our supply partners are crucial.  We use cutting-edge multi-million dollar litho and digital presses and have 24/7 preventative service agreements in place with key supply partners such as Heidelberg (Litho Press and Fujifilm digital presses). Our immediate and extended office community (physical and virtual IT support, and third party specialists including our fleet of expert technicians) are all essential branches in the relationship tree.

The 724 rooftop solar panels that power up to 100% of the required energy consumed at the office (depending on time of year) – and the GreenEnergy we draw down from the grid to top up are testament to the weight Complete Colour places on our relationship with the planet.

Through our recycling and waste processes, and careful sourcing of environmentally responsible materials, we try to lighten our footprint on this planet in every way possible.

Like any service business, our former, current and future client relationships are key, and we definitely miss the valued face-to-face interactions during this covid-impacted period. It’s not just the businesses we work with that we love, but the people we speak to and meet along the way every day. And because we truly value those relationships, we have done more COVIDSafe outdoor walking meetings over the last two months than we have had in-office meetings.

Close to home, our charity partners and neighbouring businesses need our relationships more than ever in these challenging times, and we’ve been sure to keep an open dialogue with our communities, offering support where we can.

The touchpoints we have with people on our databases, and those we communicate with over email, telephone, Zoom, Teams or social media, are created through relationships we have built, nurtured and evolved over many years – some over almost 30 years.

Through those three decades this business has been running, the relationship between directors Tim Michaelides and Geoff Lawyer, their team members and all the families and friends behind those team members, have played integral roles.

And it’s during lockdown periods, our relationships with team members, clients and partners are all tested and stretched further than ever, but by ensuring our personal relationships (including the relationship with ourselves as individuals) are prioritised, we have the best chance of continuing to create the best outcomes and impacts.

Our relationship with you, dear reader, is infinitely valued. Through each of our business pillars (quality, value, service and trust) we harness relationships to achieve the best possible outcome for your business and for our business.

If you know of a business who needs a trusted relationship with a print company, please contact us directly or share this blog.


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