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Our 2022-23 calendar celebrates Australian nature, bringing colour to desks across the country throughout the year. Drop us an email at hello@completecolour.com.au with your postal address and we’ll send you one for free!

A New Year enables opportunities for both reflection on the 12 months passed, and a fresh perspective on the 12 months ahead.

Over our 30-year history as a Melbourne printer, we’ve learned that the most important aspect of running an Australian business is open communication channels – internally and externally throughout – and always keeping a smile on our faces. At Complete, we break our foundation pillars into Service, Quality, Value and Trust.

Printing with world-class service

For us, service is more than a process or policy – it’s a way of life. Service models across the industry verticals have changed over the last two years, with a return to a more local, personal feel. That suits our business; we hold relationships integral to everything

As many parts of the pre-pandemic world accelerated towards an unsustainable approach to life and business, we noticed that relationships were often overlooked – a path we refuse to take, even when demand constricts timelines. 

We will always organise face-to-face meetings (even if forced to move to virtual spaces), and pick up the phone where we can, because we firmly believe in the human side of business – where conversations and relationships make for excellent service. It enables us to bring our experience to where we understand the needs of the customer.

Printing with world-class quality

We love printing. We love all printing techniques, and all the nuances, possibilities and enhancements at our fingertips, amplifying communication. In order to remain at the forefront of printing capability, we continually invest in cutting edge technology and innovation in both digital and offset printing, as well as in other areas of the business. 

“For one client, Complete prints 45,000 brochures with 30 variants within a 24-hour window (from receiving files to delivering brochures) every week,” says Complete Managing Director Tim Michaelides. 

“We were an early adopter in the digital print space, moving across with our first digital press from Fuji-Xerox in 2006. In 2020, we added a top-of-the-class model with the new Xerox iGen 5 Digital Printing Press.”

“This press, together with our iGen150 Digital Printing Press, provides us with the ability to deliver higher volume digital print runs to customers, which enables more economic pricing. It also presents greater security in assurity of supply. We know we can deliver large volumes in very competitive turnaround times.”

“This year, we added a new online web to print portal, which enables a seamless user experience for existing clients to upload digital content and track their job.”

“We also upgraded our Heidelberg Image Control from Series 1 to Series 2, with a lot more features and functionality. This goes hand-in-glove with our new prepress software, Prinect Production Manager. It provides us with online and interactive proofing functionally, and a production module.”

Printing with world-class value

With extremely tight policies around environmentally responsible practices and efficient, safe production, we’re able to pass significant dollar savings on to our customers – without compromising processes or outcomes. That is what ‘value’ means to Complete.

“One of the biggest outcomes of the last two years for us has been the en-masse return of print to Australia,” says Geoff Lawyer, Director and Head of Sales and Marketing at Complete. 

“Due to our short production and delivery timelines – and pride in service, quality and value – we’re printing a lot of jobs that businesses previously sent off-shore. We build in time and value at every stage of the process.”

“One of the ways we create value is by using environmentally-responsible, quality material to ensure that the end product is something everyone can celebrate and rely on. For us, trust is everything – from every employee, supplier and contributor, to every member of a client’s workforce.” 

Print with Trust

Clear thinking, communication, collaboration and processes are essential in printing – and in life – and they continue to inform the ‘Complete Way’, inspiring trust every day. Through briefing, planning, production and delivery, our systems drive performance.

In May 2022, we’re celebrating 30 years in printing; leveraging extensive experience, cutting-edge technology and industry-leading production methods – with a passion for environmental responsibility – to ensure we deliver on brief, on time, and on budget. We’re passionate about printing on-shore with service, quality, value and trust. These pillars stand as strong today as they did on day one in 1992. 

2021 Complete at a glance 

  • Shift to 100% Renewable Energy Usage
  • New Online Web to Print Portal
  • Image Control System Upgrade
  • New Prepress Software

The end of the year also enables an opportunity for rest and recuperation. The Complete team have worked incredibly hard this year, as they do every year. But 2021 was another particularly challenging year. After the uncertainty of 2020, lockdown fatigue and supply chain complications put barriers in the way this year, but the Complete team showed great collaboration, leadership and adaptability to retain perspective, make informed decisions and drive optimal results together over the last two years – in the face of adversity.


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