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From Survive to Thrive

The global pandemic has created challenges for businesses and organisations across the world. We’re celebrating a few examples where our clients have tackled those challenges head-on (and we promise not to use the ‘P’ word!)

Marvel Bookbinding & Print Finishing

We’re proud to have developed a trusted partnership with Heidelberg West-based Bookbinding & Printfinishing company Marvel over the last 28 years. Not only are they Australia’s largest independently owned Bookbinder and Printfinisher, they are the only volume case-making business in the country (there are small companies that can handle up to 100 copies). We work together to manufacture approximately 5% of our finishing (the rest we keep in house): case-bound children’s books, cookbooks, specialty novels and corporate publications. With a shift back to on-shore printing in recent months, Marvel has created capacity to manufacture 30,000 hard-bound books a day in total. 

A Local Government Authority asked us to deliver critical information to their stakeholders. Accounting for postal system delays due to Covid-19, we built a walking plan to hand deliver approximately 2,500 personalised flyers to targeted addresses with 100% delivery accuracy. We also provided post-delivery history, including photographic evidence for areas of concern. This makes the client aware of any areas they can optimise, such as removing dormant addresses, minimising waste and saving the client money.

A flower specialist business in the Dandenong Ranges  – who we have historically supported by producing event collateral and publication work – had all of its major events cancelled. The business swiftly moved to an online platform and increased sales by 300%! We supported the variable data-driven print production in line with new business needs.

Holgate Brewhouse

Woodend brewery Holgate Brewhouse had to react quickly to the closure of venues nationwide – and the extended closure of Victorian venues – some of whom they used to supply kegs to. In order to get great beer to people’s homes, they had to package more of their product and Complete has been able to support them by printing four-pack and six-pack sleeves.

These are great examples of businesses who have had their canvases wiped clean by 2020. They have stuck to the process, purpose and values that got them to where they are today, and they’ve changed the execution. 

We can provide support and solutions to help your business shift or grow too. 
We applaud many of our clients in achieving similar growth trends. We also appreciate that by the nature of their industry, some businesses have had no opportunity to thrive, and we want you to let us know if we can help. However challenging the future may look, we’ll contact you to discuss how we can support with a vast array of solutions.