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At Complete, paper is our lifeblood, without it we have nothing. Did you know that of all the material we purchased in 2016, 98.8% had some form of environmental certification such as FSC or PEFC? A percentage we would like to increase for 2017.

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Complete Colour Printing is committed to purchasing paper in a responsible manner. We wish to maximise the environmental standards of our operations by purchasing and recommending paper that is sourced from well-managed forests that have been certified to a credible standard. Our long-term intention is to increase our own level of environmental responsibility and decrease the impact our service has on the environment.

In doing so, we hope to increase the awareness of the environmental advantages of some paper types over others to our employees, and our clients. We also hope to emphasise the importance of making printing decisions with environmental impact as a key consideration.

This commitment will be realised in a systematic manner. Thorough supplier research will be conducted and action will be dependant upon these findings.


  • Forests or forest suppliers that do not comply with all relevant national and international legislation relating to the trade in forest products.

  • High conservation value forests where these are recognised nationally or regionally, unless these forests are progressing towards credible forest certification in a time-bound, stepwise and transparent manner.

  • Protected areas, parks or similar areas where harvesting operations are not complimentary to responsible forest management.

  • Forests that are currently being converted to other land uses, or forests that have been converted since 1994.

  • Forests that are in areas of armed conflict or civil unrest where there is a direct relationship between the forest products trade and the funding of such conflicts.


  • Seek information as to the source of all paper products.

  • Evaluate this information against our own policy.

  • Continuously improve the level of compliance of these policies, with annual reviews, reports, and action agreed upon with our suppliers.

  • Work with and encourage suppliers and forest sources that are actively engaged in a committed and transparent process towards credible certification.


  • All current employees and members of the general public will be able to view this policy and our action plan on Complete Colour Printing’s website.

  • All new employees will be made aware of this policy during the induction process.


  • Complete Colour Printing will abide by all local, state and international laws and conventions including (but not limited to) declarations of protected areas, forestry laws, environmental protection legislation and all labour and social laws.

  • Complete Colour Printing will never knowingly become involved in, collude with or purchase paper originally sourced from illegal logging operations.

  • Complete Colour Printing will work with our supply chain to ensure that all paper products originate from forests where there is legal and verifiable title to the land and current permits and approvals; ensuring products are extracted will full authorization of those holding rights to the land or forest resources, permits and approvals from all relevant government agencies.


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