What is going to jump off your page in FY22?

If your FY21 was reproduced on a page, what would it look like? And more importantly, what would FY22 look like?

When the concept of an organisation (for profit or non-profit) is first conceived, the person (or people) that breathe life into it also construct a DNA. 

This DNA is the foundation to everything that is core to the organisation; methodologies, values, benefactors, stakeholders – and personality. 

An organisation’s personality – the way it behaves, talks and presents itself – is its brand, underpinned by the business’ true north.

A brand can change and evolve – even multiply – over time, but everything an organisation does signposts and impacts the following:

  • How recognisable the brand is
  • What the brand’s reputation is
  • How relevant the brand is
  • How the brand resonates with people

As an organisation grows, its DNA informs identity, purpose, values and other more concrete traits that are harder to change, such as reputation.

Colour, font, design, paper stock, finish effects and delivery can say as much about a brand as its content, or even its financial performance. Print also affords a touchpoint that digital material never will.

For the audience that accesses an organisation’s printed material, the whole interactive experience is about so much more than words or pictures. The experience impacts how the audience recognises the brand, what they think of the brand, how relevant the brand is to them at that particular moment, and how the brand resonates with them. Ultimately, it heavily influences their decisions to engage – or not engage – with the brand.

And that is why deciding firstly what will be on your page, and then what will stand out on your page, is so important.

Take Brand Australia for example. Unlike the red earth, pristine beaches and tropical territories, the country’s brand can be shaped to forge identity. People recognise the road sign pictured above to insite caution for crossing kangaroos. The world knows that the kangaroo is unmistakably Australian, because the nation uses it to brand some of its proudest exports – look no further than the Australian Cricket Team, the front of an Australian passport, Qantas Airways and Mem Fox’s illustrations. In each of the physical arenas these exports operate, the kangaroo is proudly printed – be it on a cricket jersey, a Boeing 747, a passport or a kid’s book.

At Complete, our core job is to print brand communication onto material. It is to capture a moment in time with something tangible – like a stake in the ground.

We like to have fun with clients – and enjoy the process – but we also have a deep understanding of the impact our representations and reproductions can have. We work hard to understand the DNA of every organisation that trusts us to print, and we embrace the importance of capturing a moment for them to create something that will last.