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ISO 9001  ISO 14001
Green Power
solar roof being installed at complete colour

Environmentally responsible sourcing is increasingly important to many of our clients. We are 100% powered by renewable energy; with 728 solar panels on our premises roof, and marginal top-up energy from Green Power.

Responsible sourcing including:

Paper stock FSC & PEFC Chain of Custody-certified.

Energy (200kW LGC on-site solar farm.

7,000 Litre water tanks servicing areas of our premises.

Responsible disposal;

WasteWise Gold accreditation via Sustainability Victoria.

98% of product and all materials is either recycled, reused, or delivered as finished product.

seperation tanks for recycling and reuse
process free printing plates

Responsible Print Production including;

Process free plates

Ecologically-rated presses

solvent recirculation system

Vegetable based inks

Client carbon offsetting through the Climate Friendly organisation

ISO Certification annually for 14001EMS and 9001QMS system 

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