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10 environmentally and socially responsible and secure print processes

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Solar and green power energy
Complete Colour Solar Roof

As an environmentally responsible Melbourne printer, we were careful to build Complete’s 200Kw roof-top solar farm to match the usage we needed without wasting materials. And that means for certain periods of the year, we need to buy extra energy. Now, thanks to the top-up power we source from government-accredited renewable energy provider GreenPower, we can be 100% confident that any energy we use is also responsibly generated – Tim Michaelides, Complete Managing Director.

10 environmentally and socially responsible and secure print processes to save resources, time and money.

Planet Earth’s systems, processes and cycles never stop showing up. From daylight and photosynthesis to seasons and tidal energy; rhythms may alter over time, but nature delivers 365 days a year. As a global community, we must show up for this planet too.

For many businesses, the task of managing print and collateral for stock inventory, and advertising and marketing campaigns, is both daunting and time consuming. Where possible, it’s best to choose environmentally responsible print processes to save resources, time and money with seamless and secure strategies.

Savings can be passed on from printer to client, and everybody can be assured that final print assets are produced in a safe manner with the lightest footprint possible, without compromise to quality.

10 sustainable habits to consider if your business requires small or large-scale print:

  1. Tailor a logistical solution to your budget, deadlines and distribution needs by taking a systematic approach, which includes a print partner working to measure, monitor and manage your collateral usage requirements, and developing strategically sound print solutions, e.g. product rationalisation may give greater control over your inventory levels and reduce associated costs.

  2. Partner with an Australian printer that has third party ISO Accreditation (International Organization for Standardisation) for renewable energy, waste reduction, responsible paper purchasing, and reducing raw material inputs and outputs. The end result will be cleaner production and lower greenhouse gas emissions. A commitment to an extensive recycling program leads to increased efficiency in materials usage and these savings can be passed on to your business without compromising projects.

  3. Consider print technology available for a quality and seamless service. There are different cost-effective print approaches (offset and digital for example) for small and large-scale, static and variable, printing. Again, top-of-the-range print technology provides the ability to deliver higher volume print runs in competitive turnaround times, which enables more economic pricing and greater security in assuring supply.

  4. It’s not just about the print process itself – don’t forget pre-press and post-press. Online web to print portals are now very sophisticated, enabling a seamless user experience to upload digital content and track a job with interactive proofing functionality. When the job is printed and it looks great – now how do you get it from the printer to multiple sites or thousands of doorsteps across the country? Most printers should offer environmentally responsible and seamless logistics chains, including personalised variable data direct mail and delivery.

  5. How do you know your data and information is secure? Sending valuable, confidential and sensitive data and information outside of your business can be worrying, but strict protocols such as secure upload portals, download restrictions and job tracking can enable security-sensitive production from briefing to delivery.

  6. Trust your instinct on quality. You don’t have to have 30 years experience in the print industry to know whether a job looks and feels good. It may be a complicated process, but touch and feel the end product, look closely at the colour and quality of images and the enhancements used for protection and aesthetics. Trust your judgment.

  7. Get return on investment. It’s true that you can never have cheap, fast and good at the same time, but you can have value, service and quality – and working with a well-processed, system-orientated business means savings can be passed on without compromising quality.

  8. Like everything, choose good people to work with. Printing can be stressful; you’re converting a changeable digital document into (potentially) tens of thousands of hard copies, sometimes on a weekly basis. There are going to be pressure points, but choose the right print partner with responsible systems and processes, and you’ll learn that printing does not have to be stressful.

  9. Minimise waste across every facet of your business. Printers can only be responsible for the planning, production and delivery of printed material. After that, it’s down to the client to practice, enable and promote sustainable processes in their own businesses and on their own printed assets (i.e. choice of recycled and recyclable raw materials and recycling instructions on packaging).

  10. Enable your sustainable systems to drive your performance. Print has to be efficient, whether it’s small or large scale. Take your safe, seamless and sustainable print practices into other areas of your business to drive performance.

Green planet
Planet earth

Build on your business reputation with an environmentally responsible, secure and seamless print partnership. Complete doesn’t waste non-renewable energy sources, because we know we can generate our own and responsibly purchase any top-up we might require.

Complete Services:

Project Management Services:

  1. Business to Business Online Ordering

  2. Marketing and Print Campaign Storage

  3. Fulfilment, Distribution and Mailing (Including Variable Data)

  4. Database Management and Reporting

  5. Systems and Workflow Analysis

Complete’s Comprehensive Inventory Management and Reporting Services include:

  1. Usage Analysis

  2. Re-Order Levels

  3. Stock Holding

  4. Database Management and Reporting

  5. Systems And Workflow Analysis

Specialist capabilities and expertise in confidential, security-sensitive work and secure data management

Complete has more than 30 years experience producing highly confidential and security-sensitive items for corporate, government, institutional, retail and financial clients. We have developed a sophisticated bespoke online W2P Portal via secure 1to1 login (designed and built in-house). The business’s areas of expertise encompass:

Financial Institutions

  • IPO Prospectus

  • Annual Report production, where trust, accuracy and timing are critical

  • Brochures and printed documents

  • Secure data, from reports through to invitations

  • Enviro Catalogue with download restriction


  • Highly confidential documents relating to finance, policy and other collateral

Health Insurance

  • Secure document and brochure production


  • Secure multiple fields data merge and print


  • Monetary value items and data merge

  • Production of vouchers with coded data scannable at retail outlets across variable retailers for access to FMCGs

  • Complex variable data generation for gift cards etc.

  • Complex data merge of individual pricing matrix from store to store

  • Geo Data lock outs for segregation of pricing portals

Complete’s security systems, including our strict worker protocols, enable security-sensitive production from briefing to delivery.

Secure Systems

  • Secure FileDrop to safely send us your files

  • In-house IT infrastructure and architect experts

  • Version control

  • Secure Job Release based on approved access codes

  • Bespoke Management Information System built in-house

Site and Worker Security

  • Thermal imaging camera system (and other thorough Covid-safe practices)

  • Only authorised personnel work on security sensitive projects

  • Fully gated site

  • Key swipe access to manufacturing areas

  • Electronic movement access registers

Third Party Auditing

  • Auditing processes complying with ISO Quality Management Systems certification

Risk Assessment and Disaster Recovery

  • Secure multiple fields data merge and print

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