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Melbourne printer's update on the 2024 Australian print market

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

A year on from the acquisition of Erwins Printing, the Australian print landscape has stabilised somewhat, but shifting economic forces have created an environment where innovation is more important than ever.

Since opening Complete Colour’s doors in 1992, we’ve created and evolved systems to drive performance. We don’t wait for challenging times to keep fine-tuning these systems; it’s a constant focus.

We’re forever proactively seeking opportunities to automate and improve our supply and production chains – without devaluing end products or stakeholder experiences; always championing company pillars; quality, service, value and trust.

Our valued suppliers are partners with whom we’ve enjoyed long, trusting relationships; and we look forward to strengthening these relationships along the journey. Innovation is the only pathway to growth in a challenging market.

Our focus is on how we can continue to do things better, without having to pass on more costs.

High quality print innovation
Digital Print

“I’m enjoying the challenge!” says Complete Colour Production Manager Tim Dunphy, who was a 2018 Melbourne Business Awards Young Achiever of the Year finalist.

There’s never a dull moment, but that’s the nature of print. Clients might be late delivering files, but that doesn’t mean we can be late. We pride ourselves on trying to stick to schedules where possible; so it just means that we have to pick up the pace.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to turn an electronic file into something tangible and beautiful – it feels like you’re bringing artwork to life. But the most rewarding part of my role is the relationships with clients and suppliers.

“It’s amazing to be able to manage the whole process; from meeting the client and discussing our environmental, quality and safety-first approach to printing; to receiving artfiles and seeing a job all the way through to the delivery point, which can be one recipient around the corner in Cheltenham, or could be 170+ distribution centre drops across the country.

“Upgraded systems and assets (machinery and vehicles) have helped to expedite some of our processes, without compromise to quality, service or value, and the acquisition of Erwins last year was met with positivity, as always. We onboarded multiple clients at the same time, and our processes and culture stood strong.”

Connect with us to discuss how Complete can discover and revisit projects through a different lens.

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