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Complete travels to Germany for leading print tech convention

Updated: Jun 24

The most technologically advanced and environmentally-responsible members of the global print community gathered for the 17th edition of Drupa in Düsseldorf, Germany in late May and early June 2024.

The print and digital convention – inaugurated in 1951 – bridges the gap between technology and concrete solutions, with a firm eye on sustainability. Visitors experience the latest trends, innovations and products in a business context.

This was the first Drupa since 2016, with the global pandemic interrupting the four-year cycle, after more than 260,000 people from 183 nations attended the previous edition – a truly international event, with almost 2,000 exhibitors from 54 nations.

This is the seventh time one of our Directors have travelled to Germany for the exhibition – staying at the forefront of environmentally-responsible printing is always at the top of our agenda.

“There are lots of global-first releases at Drupa, so it’s an important investment for us to attend,” says Geoff Lawyer, Complete Colour Director.

“We’re forever looking to evolve so that we can offer our clients, partners and community a greater print experience – improving service, quality and value – to continue growing the trust with which we print.”

“This year was no different, with all of the world’s print powerhouses exhibiting in Germany. It’s fantastic for us to be able to keep fingers on the pulse for the future of environmentally-responsible printing trends in Australia and across the world.”

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